America: A Nation of Idiots (?)

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I added the question mark to the headline.

I have to say that we do some pretty stupid things. We vote for people who take away our rights, who lie straight faced to us. We continue to prop a banking system which plays us for, well, idiots. We continue to let a political class act as it wishes even as it gives the rest of America the finger. We allow wars to be waged in distant places at great cost to life, property, and our standing in the world, in our name. Many people who want to build a wall along the Mexican border can’t find Mexico on a map. Many of the people who don’t want to build a wall along the Mexican border can’t find Mexico on a map.

But I don’t think idiocy is the sole problem. More important is the ongoing mass zombification of the people. And despite what we may think this is not new. If anything we are more informed and more awake now than at any other time in our history. It is that so many remain in a stupor despite the access to information that is so frustrating.

(From The Daily Reckoning)

Americans love to complain about how unhappy they are with their government. And they especially love to pretend that when their partisan choice is the leader, everything will be solved.

It’s a recurring drama. Wash, rinse and repeat—for decades.

So when tens of millions don’t bother to learn how their system of government works or who their elected representatives even are, it’s time to start using the expression “useful idiots” more regularly.

If voters have no clue what’s happening in the halls of Congress, there should be zero expectation that they will exert any control over policy.

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