As hunger stalks Venezuela, government encourages city-dwellers to start planting

Apartment friendly potatoes.
Apartment friendly potatoes.

Gardens are almost always a good idea. In a country like Venezuela which for the most part is quite verdant naturally and which has a completely dysfunctional economy this is especially the case.

Of course for urbanites (and a good part of the Venezuelan population is urban) to revert to subsistence farming is a challenge to say the least. Venezuela is in desperate need of economic liberalization. It is in desperate need of new leadership.

In the meantime grow potatoes Venezuelans. They are endemic to the region, can be grown in pots if need be, are full of calories, and they are harder to steal than most veggies. (Not that Venezuelans need us to tell them these things.)

(From The Miami Herald)

A poll by DatinCorp in April found 86 percent of those surveyed bought “less” or “much less” food than they used to, and only 54 percent said they ate three meals a day.

Petra Meneses, a retired 66-year-old doctor, said the soaring prices of vegetables had driven her to get serious about home gardening. In her neighborhood, a bag of green peppers is running about 1,800 bolivares — that’s about $4 dollars, or almost a tenth of her monthly social security check.

“With everything being so precarious we have to go back to the land,” she said. “Even if that land is inside the city — in our homes.”

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