Business support for Brexit grows as David Cameron looks increasingly desperate, says ISIS wants UK to vote Brexit

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If Britain votes to leave the European Union next month it will be a victory for anti-crony forces in the world, which is to say most people in the world. It will be the first time the expansionist technocratic European attempt at a superstate will have been rebuked in a way Brussels can’t dismiss.

However, most of the big power players want the UK to stay in the EU to make life easier for them. The big banks want the UK to stay. President Obama even threatened Britons that they will find themselves at “the end of the line” for trade deals if they leave the EU. (The UK isn’t going to the back of any line. Obama’s got a long beef with Britain and he’s gone soon. We’ve got your back Britain.) There is massive pressure coming from the “remain” side. The BBC is solidly pro-Europe and so one can imagine the media spin coming out of that organization. The bureaucrats and cronies are leveraging their influence and scaremongering as much as they can. David Cameron even just said that ISIS will be happy if the UK votes for Brexit.

As the Brits might say, “Bullocks.”

But there is hope.

(From The Irish Times)

Growing numbers of British executives are hitting back at official claims that leaving the EU would be bad for business, highlighting the problems David Cameron faces in making the economic case for the EU.

The government, the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fundhave all issued warnings that Brexit would damage the UK economy.

But many business people counter that Brexit would increase the UK’s economic potential, citing the EU’s low growth, burdensome regulation and the possibility of deals with more dynamic parts of the world.

“Regulation is our biggest handicap in the global race,” says Robert Hiscox, retired chairman of Hiscox Ltd, a Lloyd’s of London underwriter. “And if you add on to it the extra layer of very bad and corrupt government from the EU, the waste of money is phenomenal.”

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