California’s $64 Billion Bullet Train To Nowhere Gets Delayed … Again

“What about us brain dead slobs?”

“You’ll be given cushy jobs.”

– From the Simpsons Monorail Song

Fresno_River_Viaduct_construction_2016 cc

This project is more about people getting paid than about getting people from place to place.

(From IBD)

That news came from a contract revision that the Obama administration approved late last week. Instead of finishing the first leg of what is supposed to be a High-Speed Rail service from San Francisco to San Diego by 2018, the new deadline is 2022, which will be seven years after the January 2015 groundbreaking.

Even when completed, the first leg will only run from Madera (population 63,105) down to Shafter, a small town north of Bakersfield. Not exactly a heavy transportation corridor.

That stretch, by the way, was picked because it was deemed the most “shovel ready” when the Obama administration was passing out stimulus funds. But even now, the state’s High Speed Rail Authority hasn’t put down any tracks, and has bought up less than half the land it needs in the Central Valley, according to Politico.

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