Donald Trump builds his K Street and Wall Street Gang

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(From The Washington Examiner)

Goldman Sachs partner and former George Soros comrade Steve Mnuchin will be the Trump campaign’s finance director, Trump announced Thursday…

…Throughout the primary, Trump attacked Ted Cruz for his connections to Goldman Sachs. Cruz’s wife worked at Goldman, and Cruz on one form failed to disclose a Goldman loan he used to finance his 2012 Senate run (although he had disclosed it on another).

Mnuchin, a Yale alumnus, spent nearly two decades at Goldman Sachs, serving as a managing director and later a partner. His father was a general partner at Goldman, too. Mnuchin’s work at Goldman included trading in government debt and mortgage-backed securities. He left Goldman a millionaire and started his own investment firm. He has worked for Soros Fund Management, owned by liberal billionaire speculator George Soros.

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