European Union co-funded Cannes winner “I, Daniel Blake” (A subtle propaganda?)

Cocktails and only the right kind of politics please.
Cocktails and only the right kind of politics please.

I have to say that I was not in Cannes this year as I had kids to take care of, the dog needed a bath, and my Learjet is in the shop. (Maybe next year.) Nor have I seen I, Daniel Blake. (Which I have no doubt is extremely well done.) But it is interesting that the most celebrated movie of the festival was funded to some extent by the European Union.

It reminded me of a passage in the recently released Brexit the Movie where one of the pro-Brexit folks explains how the EU gets a certain part of society addicted to its (taxpayers’) money.

The EU gives money to opera houses and movie productions and the like, the kinds of places and the kinds of projects polite and relatively well heeled Europeans approve of. With these funds comes the implicit endorsement of “respectable” society. You know, “open minded,” pro-welfare state, slightly anti-American, pro-European Union folks. The social narrative builders and enablers. Cannes is a place where social narratives sprout. (Or at least they used to. Everyday Europeans like Americans are increasingly hip to what is going on.)

The state works its way into everyday life like an octopus works its way into the nooks and crannies of a reef. The difference of course being that an octopus just wants to be left alone while governments want to get into everyone’s business. One of the best ways to do this is through art. Governments have long understood this.

(From The AP)

The European Union has congratulated director Ken Loach, who took the Palme d’Or in Cannes for “I, Daniel Blake,” a film partly funded by the European Commission.

Loach received the French Riviera festival’s top prize Sunday night for the film about a disabled carpenter in northern England fighting for social assistance. The production received almost 100,000 euros ($112,000) from the Creative Europe program.

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By the way if one wants to experience extremely well done, fairly subtle statist propaganda here in the USA, and I do mean propaganda, listen to NPR. (I do almost daily.) Take a moment to consider the premises from which many of their programs start. And it’s not just how they report stories, it is the stories they choose to report.

When people start complaining about Rush Limbaugh (not always my favorite guy) and the “Fairness Doctrine” I always mention NPR which is unabashed in its editorial (statist) bias and is actually subsidized by American taxpayers. It can be heard anywhere in America. At least Rush has to earn his money and his broadcast reach.