FDA Defies Congress, Slips Money to Hospitals, and Stiffs Consumers

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It is important for Americans to understand that the FDA is in partnership with industry. The two giants work together. What may appear to be some consumer friendly “reform” almost always ends up benefiting some company or group of companies. The FDA is a deeply crony agency. In fact facilitating cronyism is a key part (if not THE key part) of its mission.

(From The Alliance for Natural Health)

This means you have to go to a doctor, be told that you need a B12 shot, go home while the doctor orders the B12, go back for the shot, and pay four to five times what the shot previously cost—on top of all the time, including recovery time, wasted. This alone shows how completely hypocritical the FDA is about reducing medical costs.

It is possible to fight back, primarily through Congress. In December 2015, our allies in Congress included a provision in an end-of-the-year spending bill that, among other things, directed the FDA to issue a guidance document clarifying how physicians and compounding pharmacists could continue “office use.” The language could not have been clearer: the agency was not to forbid “office use.”

Following Congress’ rebuke, the FDA did indeed release guidance documents pertaining to office use—but outrageously, the agency stated once again that traditional pharmacies cannot engage in office use. In other words, the FDA flagrantly defied Congress’ directive.

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