Flint Mayor Denies Taking Water Charity Donations for Herself

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Things stink in Flint and it isn’t just the water. What we see here is urban machine politics. Everywhere it exists, from Chicago, to New York, to Detroit, to Flint this sort of thing follows. In these places some people see politics as a legitimate way to get rich. It’s pathetic.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver on Wednesday denied an accusation that she directed donations meant for the Michigan city’s lead water crisis to a personal political action committee.

Weaver, a Democrat, was accused Tuesday of steering donationsmeant for the Safe Water/Safe Homes fund to her own PAC. The Safe Water fund is supposed to go to families affected by the lead-contaminated water that keeps the 100,000 people who live in the eastern Michigan city from drinking their water.

In a statement to the Detroit News Wednesday, Weaver categorically denied the accusations made in a federal lawsuit by former City Administrator Natasha Henderson, calling them “outrageously false.”

Let’s hope they are “outrageously false” for everyone’s sake.

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