Former Flint official says mayor funneled lead water crisis donations to her PAC

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The situation in Flint is just nasty in pretty much every way. People have likely been poisoned. The EPA knew about the contamination months before telling the public, all the while people continued to drink the water. And now this.

(From The Washington Examiner)

A former Flint, Mich., city administrator is alleging Mayor Karen Weaver funneled funding that was meant to help fix that city’s lead water crisis to her political action committee instead.

In a federal lawsuit filed Monday, Natasha Henderson said a city employee informed her in February that Weaver was directing donations from Safe Water/Safe Homes, a donation fund for families impacted by the lead water crisis, to her Karenabout Flint PAC…

…Weaver has been lauded as a champion for her hometown, where she took over as mayor in November.

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