Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld: ‘Taxation is Theft’!

Bill_Weld cc

Weld is a legitimate Deadhead too. (Which in my view is a positive.) But is he really a libertyhead? At best the jury is out.

But who knows maybe he’s had a “road to Damascus” moment. People do change and many Republicans have become more libertarian over the years.

(From Reason)

William Weld will likely be announcing his intention to seek the vice presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party (L.P.), in partnership with presidential hopeful Gary Johnson, the L.P.’s 2012 choice and the former Republican governor of New Mexico…

…I’ll lead with Weld’s most radically libertarian expression, which should delight fans of silly libertarian internet memes: “I think coercive taxation is theft, and government has a moral duty to keep it to a minimum.”

While some libertarians take the implications of “taxation is theft” to mean it’s entirely¬†improper, it is pretty rare to hear those words from a politician. It shows the right mindset, at least.

The giveaways, from the hardcore libertarian perspective, come thick and fast after that.

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