It’s time to end Nerd Prom (The White House Correspondents’ Dinner)

The dinner in a nutshell.
The dinner in a nutshell.

I hate the term “nerd prom” anyway. It’s such baloney. It’s self aggrandizement veiled in false modesty. The people who attend the dinner aren’t “nerds.” They don’t think of themselves as “nerds.” They are social climbing politicos. Throw in the Hollywood people and the whole thing is practically insufferable. Bill Press agrees.

(From The Hill)

Perhaps most tellingly, when WHCA President Carol Lee asked the audience to recognize members of the White House press corps, only 30-some people in the entire ballroom of more than 3,000 guests stood up. Most of those present, in fact, had nothing to do with the White House or the media. The dirty secret is that many media staffers who actually work at the White House — reporters, producers, camera and sound technicians — never get to attend the dinner. Their news organizations give their seats, instead, to lobbyists, corporate sponsors, members of Congress or Hollywood celebrities.

Indeed, the dinner itself has become almost an after-thought in an around-the-clock festival of parties that starts Thursday night and ends sometime Sunday afternoon, most of which, again, have nothing to do with the White House Correspondents’ Association or contribute anything to the scholarships that are the ostensible reasons for the dinner.

As a member of the WHCA, I think it’s time to end this embarrassing spectacle once and for all, and get back to basics.

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