Jamba Juice Flees High-Cost California for Texas

jamba cc

When the smoothie guys are leaving California for the Lone Star State one can rest assured that there is something going wrong on the West Coast.

I love California. It’s beautiful. I find the people to be pleasant for the most part. The weather is fantastic in most of the state. But I would never ever start a business there. Talk about just asking to be abused.

Many companies have had enough abuse, even apparently Jamba Juice.

How long until In and Out Burger heads east? (That would truly be a sad day for many Californians. My bet is that In and Out Burger would almost prefer to go down with the ship.)

(From Fortune)

“We explored a number of location options that would offer us competitive operating costs, a region with extensive access to skilled restaurant talent, an attractive cost of living to our current and future team members,” said CEO David A. Pace in a press release. “The State of Texas meets all of these criteria.”

Though Pace did not mention taxes as a reason for relocating, it is also true that Texas is a lower tax and regulation heavy state than California. The Tax Foundation recently ranked California 48th in its “State Business Tax Climate Index,” with Texas winning 10th place.

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