New Mexico, suing the EPA over spill caused by the agency, Seeking $100 million

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The Animas River spill of last year, the spill which turned the pristine and picturesque river into a yellow/brown toxic mess is one of 2 water tragedies made worse by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2015. (The other being the Flint water situation.) Truly it is about time we held the biggest polluter of all, the government, accountable. At least in this case the state of New Mexico is seeking to do that.

Consider that if a private company had done this the CEO would probably would have been dismissed or at least tarred and feathered in the media. For EPA leadership – nothing.

(From The New Mexico Political Report)

The state and Navajo Nation governments both heavily criticized the EPA not only for the spill itself but also for the response. The governments criticized the EPA for not providing full explanations and for, when explanations were provided, not providing adequate information…

…“Over the last seven months we have sought practical negotiations with EPA on topics ranging from their bizarre sediment standard, to comprehensive long-term monitoring,” New Mexico Environment Department Secretary Ryan Flynn wrote. “Our requests have been simple: ‘Please help us keep New Mexicans safe from the effects of the spill which you caused.’

“Rather than joining our monitoring efforts, EPA instead cherry picks the data they choose to monitor and present; and then dodges accountability at every turn.”

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