Rapper Big Boi Explains to Huffington Post why he’s a libertarian and talks the importance of thinking independently – VIDEO)

Big Boi cc

I have to say that I have long been an Outkast fan. I’m a bigger one now. (The album Stankonia is excellent. A good one to add to your Spotify playlist.) It is encouraging to hear Big Boi making the explicit case for liberty, defending the 2nd Amendment, and discussing bank cronyism and the importance of thinking independently.

Incidentally I don’t think I’ve ever heard another celebrity, aside from Charleton Heston maybe, explain that guns aren’t legal in this country just so people can hunt deer but as a counter to “tyrannical government.”

*It must be noted that his endorsement of Johnson was from the previous election. He appears to be supporting Bernie this go around. Not very libertarian as a reader pointed out. He does however continue to sound like a card carrying NRA member.