The Brazilian Crony Scandal Takes Down the Socialist Prez, Dilma Suspended, Economy in Shambles, Olympics Only A Few Moths Away, Zika

That's Dilma on the left.
That’s Dilma on the left.

Brazilian president and Marxist Dilma Rousseff has been suspended by the senate. Her crony dealings with Petrobras, the state controlled oil company, have found her (along with many other politicians in Brazil). And despite political bobs and weaves in the past few weeks she is now suspended for the duration of her impeachment trial. (Which likely means forever.) She has protested that the suspension constitutes a “coup.” But what else is she going to say? “I’m sorry I’m corrupt and exploited the government, taxpayers, and voters for my own gain because I thought I deserved it even though I sold myself as a leader “of the people.”? Not likely. Protestation is the only route for pols like Dilma.

Fine, let her protest. The people have caught on.

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We feel for Brazil. It is in the midst of a horrific recession, it is dealing with the Zika outbreak, and it has the Summer Olympics coming up. I don’t know about you but Rio doesn’t sound so inviting right now.

Saying that, now might actually be a great time to go. I’ll bet one can book a decent rate on a flight.

That's Dilma on the right.
That’s Dilma on the right.

(From Reuters)

Rousseff, an economist and former member of a Marxist guerrilla group who became Brazil’s first woman president, has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and has called the charges politically motivated.

Despite her vows to fight, she is unlikely to be acquitted in her trial.

The size of the vote to try her showed the opposition already has the support it will need to reach the two-thirds majority required to convict Rousseff and remove her definitively from office.

“It is a bitter though necessary medicine,” opposition Senator Jose Serra, named on Thursday as the new foreign minister under Temer, said during the marathon Senate debate. “Having the Rousseff government continue would be a bigger tragedy.”

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