The Clinton Business Model . . .A case study in what to expect from a Hillary Presidency.


Many people in government, in the political class, think they can do this sort of thing forever. That in the end the voters either don’t understand, don’t care, or hopefully both. That in the end many voters will just vote for whatever candidate because that candidate is of the same party, or same gender, the same ethnicity or some combination. To date the American political class has been correct in its assessment.

(From The Wall Street Journal)

There’s more. The Journal reports that Mr. Clinton also talked to then-Energy SecretarySteven Chu about a federal grant for Energy Pioneer. Mr. Chu says he doesn’t recall the conversation, but his department gave the company $812,000 in taxpayer funds in 2010.

The Energy Department had no comment on the Journal story, perhaps because Pioneer Energy isn’t doing well. The company lost at least $600,000 in its first 18 months, according to Energy Department audits. And the Journal reports that Mr. Kleeb recently “laid off most of his staff, closed his offices, sold a fleet of trucks and changed his business strategy.”

What we have here is a crystalline illustration of the Clinton political business model. Stretch the nonprofit laws to help political friends, who help the Clintons in return. Use political influence to leverage cash from government for a supposedly virtuous cause that is also a for-profit venture. Then when this sleazy deal-making is exposed, claim that everybody does it and hope the media give them another pass.

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