The real reason everyone in the media is unloading on Larry Wilmore for his White House Correspondents’ Dinner address

Wilmore cc

I watched the whole bit on Saturday night and I thought it was actually pretty darn good. (Saying this I fully acknowledge that comedy is a very subjective thing.)  Wilmore hammers the media and gives Obama a good ribbing too. Mrs. Obama was the only one who got out unscathed. It really is worth a watch.

Today all the #oldmedia outlets are going on about Wilmore’s use of the modified “n” word at the end of his speech. Though I thought it was inappropriate for him to say it I also saw it as Wilmore actually trying to do a bit of kiss up to the president after unloading on pretty much everyone in the room. The modied “n” word was not the issue. The issue is that Wilmore went out and spoke a little too much truth for the media cronies. That’s why Wilmore’s being lambasted. It’s because he called Wolf Blitzer out for being inconsequential. (Nobody watches The Situation Room c’mon.) It’s because he called the overwhelmingly white (and liberal) audience out for being afraid of “Black Lives Matter.” Wilmore’s not in trouble because he insulted the President (though he did a bit – genuinely) but because he insulted all the totally politically correct “progressive” media people.

I think Wilmore’s set was really great comedy. Really good. I love that the audience can’t let themselves laugh. I love that everyone is squirming in their seats. Certainly the most entertaining thing I’ve seen on C-Span for a century. Enjoy.

He kills CNN.