This is modern Europe, Britain save yourself, Vote Brexit – This is acceptable behavior now in Calais France? (Video)

Calais-jungle-demolitions cc

I was just speaking to an engineer who is originally from Trinidad who expressed hope that Britain will come to its senses and will vote for Brexit. He has family in the UK and knows well the incompetence of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

How can the Europeans allow this to happen to them? Is the welfare state so worth preserving (good luck with that) that you guys are willing to flush what you have down the toilet?

And this is also from Calais a day earlier. (Which is just across the Channel from the UK.)

Holy moly indeed.

Britain, Europe can’t even take care of itself. Why would you throw in your lot with them? Europe is headed toward nasty things, even nastier than the above. Of particular concern will be the reactions by Europeans to this chaos.