Top 10 Clueless Celebrity Statements about Hugo Chávez’s “Revolution”

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Chavismo, the Venezuelan experiment in socialism is imploding in an ugly way. (Is there any other way for a society to implode?) People are hungry. The lights don’t work. Crime is off the charts. They can’t even make beer in Caracas anymore. And that is truly a desperate situation. Socialism without alcohol really is a horrible fate.

But just a few years ago many a privileged celebrity sang the praises of the “brave” Chavisomos living the “social justice” dream in South America.

Socialism, as Ludwig Mises understood 2 generations ago doesn’t work. Any system which undermines real prices will inevitably erode and fail. The greater the socialism the greater the erosion and failure. As time goes by and prices increasingly lose touch with reality socialist systems are systematically undermined. They are unstable. They are not sustainable.

(From The PanAm Post)

Nick Cohen wrote in The Guardian last week about the Chavista regime’s systematic and successful use of “deluded pimps,” Western celebrities and intellectuals who have visited Venezuela since 1998 in order to engage in “radical tourism,” the political equivalent of sex tourism.

Being photographed next to exotic, socialist strongmen – namely the late showman Hugo Chávez and his clumsy successor, Nicolás Maduro – left-wing vedettes would flout their principled anti-imperialism and “speak up for the powerless.” They could then proceed to jet out of Venezuela in order to enjoy all the advantages of free market capitalism in countries like the United States or Great Britain, leaving Caracas’s 21st Century Socialists behind to create an economic, social, and humanitarian debacle, as they inevitably would.

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It should be noted additionally that one of the reasons we examine socialism and its failures so closely is because socialism by its nature is crony. Every socialist system is managed by a nomenklatura, a privileged, crony class. Cronyism is baked into socialism. To give power to the state is to give power to the cronies.

It’s not just the people in government. It’s government that’s the problem.