US Can’t Say Whether or Not $759 Million Spent on Education in Afghanistan Helped Anything

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Our government system is so big, so massive, that $759 million can just be unaccounted for. No reason to keep track of what it did or didn’t do. Or to whom it went. Or, well, anything. It’s all just play money for our politicians and bureaucrats. The way the system “works.” “Good enough for government work” and all that.

Now, it’s not like that $759 million represents money taken from taxpayers. Nope, just play money which the bureaucrats don’t need to pay attention to.


If at where you work you spent $759 million on something, and then told your boss you have no idea if anything was accomplished, and that the little data you do have is probably fraudulent, how might that work out for you?

If you are the U.S. government in Afghanistan, you would actually have no problem at all. Just another day at the tip of freedom’s spear, pouring taxpayer cash-a-roni down freedom’s money hole.

The ever-weary Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR), chronicling U.S. government hearts and minds spending in Afghanistan over the last 15 years, issued a new audit on Department of Defense, State Department and USAID’s $759 million “investment” in primary and secondary education in Afghanistan. Here’s what they found:

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