Venezuela crisis: When daily life turns into a nightmare (VIDEO)

Nicholas Maduro with now the now suspended (also socialist) former president of Brazil Dilma Rouseff.
Nicholas Maduro with the now suspended (also socialist) president of Brazil Dilma Rouseff.

An excellent report from France 24.

Socialism is subsidized by real wealth. In Venezuela’s case it was oil wealth. That was the “fat” which made fake prices and closed markets possible, for a time. But as real wealth disappears and is not replenished socialism quickly erodes. Unfortunately those running the socialist machine, the cronies (socialism and crony capitalism are cousins if not one and the same, and often they are indeed one and the same), the ones who live in relative privilege, are always loathe to go and dig in their heels as the reality of the marketplace emerges. During this transition time uncertainty reigns and everyday people are usually the ones who suffer most. Particularly if the cronies break out the guns.