Wendy’s to Put Kiosks In all 6,000 Restaurants to Counter Minimum Wage Hikes

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One can’t blame Wendy’s. Labor will be too expensive to make money on hamburgers and frostys soon. So they must automate. They have no other choice. By automating they will eliminate thousands of jobs which didn’t pay $15/hour, but they did pay something.

(From The Washington Times)

Conservatives predicted this was going to happen.

With minimum-wage hikes come job cuts. It’s Economics 101.

After New York City and California mandated $15 minimum-wage laws, fast-food chain Wendy’s reacted, announcing Thursday its plans to make available self-serving kiosks in its 6,000-plus restaurants across the country by year’s end.

And it wasn’t just “conservatives” who predicted this. Anyone with a basic concept of supply and demand could have. Supply and demand is like gravity. It doesn’t go away with a law or a decree. Some people have a hard time with this. Some think it’s unfair. But it is reality.

How did no one in the “Fight for 15” group, the SEIU for instance, figure this out? It’s not complicated.

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