Why in the world does Twitter consider THIS “sensitive material”?

We did a similar story on this sort of thing a few months ago but in light of the recent Facebook flap over “conservative” news we thought we’d post another one about Twitter.

In my Tweetdeck feed this tweet came through tonight. I don’t follow this person. He just used a hashtag I follow.

smat twitter cc

I decided to see what was so offensive that it needed a trigger warning so I clicked on “view content.”

This is what the uncensored tweet looked like. Was it naked ladies? Was it graphic violence? Nope.

smat 2

So this – this – now necessitates a warning? This might be too much for someone to see scrolling through his or her Twitter feed? This needs to be hidden from a large percentage of people on Twitter?

This should concern all of us. Very powerful interests want to narrow the conversation again to something that is manageable for them. Ah for the days when the government only had to worry about CBSNBC, ABC, and The New York Times. The narrative was so easy to control back then. Everyday people did what the media told them to do.

Social media however has given voice to the voiceless and as such getting the social media outlets to fall in line appears to have been a big priority. Remember Obama’s social media”Truth Teams?”