Allies of Rand Paul, Koch take aim at hawks (Call them the “defense owls”)

owl cc

I refer to people like Rand Paul as defense “owls.” They aren’t doves. They aren’t hawks. They are smart and staid. They are “owls.”

The creation of this think tank is encouraging. Indeed it is vital that the neocons, the big government hawks which defined the Bush era (the Clinton era?) be countered and shown for the advocates of massive government that they are. Conservatives historically have not been for waging war across the globe, and particularly without the sanction of Congress and by extension the American people. Neoconservatives however have no such qualms. (As we’ve said before “neoconservatives” are not conservatives.)

(From Politico)

The think tank has also enlisted some of D.C.’s leading libertarian foreign policy thinkers and several conservative pundits, as well as a retired Army officer and Afghanistan veteran, Daniel Davis, who was perhaps the most famous military whistleblower of the past generation.

The group insists it wants a “strong, dynamic military.” But it says America’s reliance on military force in recent years to solve its foreign policy challenges has backfired. The armed forces must be used “more judiciously to protect America’s narrowly defined national interests,” it posits, “and promote a realistic grand strategy prioritizing restraint, diplomacy, and free trade to ensure American security.”

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