(Are you ready?) Under My Skin: The New Frontier Of Digital Implants


RFID implant cc

I’ve been following digital implants and under the skin RFID chips for over a decade. Interestingly the first responses to my posts were incredulous mixed with off the wall conspiracy rants. Then as the reality of such devices has increasingly rushed toward us people have begun to think seriously about what it means to have a tracking chip embedded in their person. What does it mean that the device which holds your financial information also houses you medical information? What will it mean if the Supreme Court sometime down the road tosses aside the 4th Amendment (which it has already done to some extent) and allows cops (of various kinds) total access to this information.

Bad credit rating? On high blood pressure medication? Guess what? You are now a “high risk health individual” subject to periodic scanning by the state. Want to buy a pizza? Sorry Charlie, not with your score. Only kale and beets for you.

It’s really not that far away if we let it happen.

(From Fast Company)

“You have mental checklists as you’re coming and going out of your home,” Shank says. “One of those things is my wallet, keys, all those things I have with me. Once you start to eliminate all those things, you start to see all the mind space it actually clears not to have to worry about them.”

In fact, Shank has several chips in his hand, including a near field communication (NFC) chip like the ones used in Apple Pay and similar systems, which stores a virtual business card with contact information for TwinCities+. “[For] people with Android phones, I can just tap their phone with my hand, right over the chip, and it will send that information to their phone,” he says. In the past, he’s also used a chip to store a bitcoin wallet.

Shank is one of a growing number of “biohackers” who implant hardware ranging from microchips to magnets inside their bodies.

See it”ll be so convenient.

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