Big Government: The Great Unicorportist Blob

the blob cc cc

Government is a giant, massive, growing blob. It expands and swallows freedoms everywhere it goes. As it absorbs liberties and rights it also absorbs people into its bowels. Some run to the blob and prostrate themselves as the gelatinous beast consumes them. Others are swallowed up against their will. But with each freedom extinguished and with each person absorbed into the political jello the blob becomes more powerful.

The people I find most interesting in this situation are the people who join forces with the blob. Why do they do this? Do they so fear the outside world that they would prefer to live within the oozy confines of the beast? I’m sure that’s part of it.

Do they think a world which is defined by the amorphous monster would be more just? Absolutely there are people who believe this.

Do these people think that they’d rather be the hunter than the hunted? That opportunity lay in being part of the Leviathan. That attaching themselves like ticks to the government underbelly in search of a life of relative comfort and a steady stream of the jelly juice which bureaucratic parasites need? Yes, definitely.

The blob is powerful and to date hasn’t ever been really curtailed. Sure there have been flashes of resistance. Thatcher and Reagan come to mind, but the government didn’t stop growing. It might have been curtailed in some very limited ways but the reach of government didn’t lessen. Freedom was not increased on the whole.

The reason is is that the government part of crony class always compounds its own power. Bureaucracies emerge – supposedly to address this issue or that – but then very quickly (if not instantly) become more concerned with their own survival than in carrying out their missions or – God forbid – doing their job so well they are no longer needed. This is the nature of the state, the blob. It grows and grows. Cancers do the same thing.

The biggest corporation of all is the government. Many people miss this. You think Exxon is bad? (And Exxon has plenty of cronyism to account for don’t get me wrong.)  Try having the government solely in charge of energy. You want to see a nightmare? That’s it.

Socialism in many respects is a UNICORPORTIST economic theory. One giant, economically ecumenical supercorp. Like a secular Catholic Church of old. (Though as we’ve said many times, big government is in fact a religion.) Everything under one umbrella. Dissent poo pooed, when not brutally suppressed,  all in the name of unicorporate efficiency.

Once the blob is the world, all will be right. History will cease. Blob heaven will become reality. It’s those darn individualists who are screwing things up for everyone. They need to let themselves be subsumed into the warm embrace of government. Give up your quaint notions of individual rights and human dignity. Give in to the blob. It’s coming for you anyway.

Perhaps, but know that the blob begins to die once it has no more rights and free economic activity to consume. And blobs die ugly.