Bill Kristol: “We Beat Back Ron Paul and Rand Paul” (Right…And this is why the neocons remain in the political wilderness and Jeb got spanked. Because you won.)

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The neocons are for big government and wars. Bill Kristol is for big government and wars. The neocons disliked Reagan and celebrated George W. Bush’s massive expansion of the state. They loathe libertarianism and they loathe the Pauls. They quietly like Hillary Clinton who is basically an extension of George W. Bush in many respects. In fact most neocons – most of whom are Bushites – would probably like to see Hillary win this go’round. (Though they can’t say it publicly – yet.)

The neocons despise the small government conservatives and libertarians outside of the Beltway. The neocons know that they represent a small minority within the Republican Party but had until recently been able to maintain a stranglehold on power within DC. Now they are relegated to the margins and fear that they could be vanquished. (If Hillary doesn’t save them.) They are in AAA right now and they are afraid they’ll soon be sent to the bush leagues. (Or is it Bush leagues?)

From a broad policy perspective the neocons do not consider the lives of your sons and daughters to be sacred. They do not value the hard earned money which is sent by you to Washington DC. They want war. They want to play global chess. The lives of the kids in rural Tennessee, Northern California, the swamps of Florida are not equal to theirs. The neocons are to command the heights. You and your sons and daughters are fodder for the cannons.

Ron Paul, a once obscure congressman from Texas, who had no position in leadership because he was alienated by the big government wing of the GOP, which unfortunately still lives, almost single handedly shined a spotlight on the neoconservatives and their big spending, war mongering ways. He exposed them. He forced them out of the shadows.

And the neocons in turn became so concerned with Paul and his son they trained all their fire on Rand this election because they saw him as the biggest threat to their big government ideology. By doing so they opened an opportunity for Trump (who the neocons dislike also because they don’t own him) who walked right through the front door.

The neocons should be drummed out of the GOP. They were originally Troskyites (yes THAT Trotsky) and were long Democrats. During the Nixon years the neocons switched to the GOP  because they didn’t like the hippies (the New Left) which had taken over the Dem Party. The GOP has been stuck with them ever since.

So long as the neocons have a seat at the table, real progress in terms of rolling back government, the war machine, and crony capitalism won’t be made.

Bill Kristol got his ass kicked by Ron Paul. One of the main reasons Jeb Bush (the neocon favorite) is not the nominee is because Ron Paul, Rand, and other small government people within the party (and outside of it) highlighted the fact that Jeb was just more of the same, a big government crony. Now Bill Kristol is sitting in the corner trying to reclaim some sort of face.  Sure, your candidate was decimated and your movement discredited fundamentally, but you beat back Ron Paul. Right.

I don’t think so. And neither do you Bill Kristol.

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