Communist Party USA Chairman endorses Hillary Clinton instead of Bernie

Bernie pic cc cc

I’ll say this for Bernie, he has added much value to this race. He has highlighted the cronyism deep within the Democratic Party. He has suffered what appears to be just blatant corruption during the primaries. And at least one does not want to take a shower after listening to him speak.

His economic ideas are absurd and frankly dangerous. His perception of “justice” is fundamentally warped. But man, the guy is refreshing and he has challenged the coronation. If he wins California he will make things very uncomfortable for the Democratic insiders. (More uncomfortable.) He might even derail the coronation.

And whatever your political disposition you’ve got to hand it to a guy who is a legitimate contender for the office of US president, who is an outed socialist, who can’t even get the endorsement of the chairman of the Communist Party who actually prefers Hillary! Yet he still technically could win. That is something.

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