Dan Rather on Trump: ‘I felt a shudder down my spine’ (An #oldmedia dinosaur laments his own toothlessness)

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Dan Rather explains in the attached piece that he’s fearful of Trump and says that Trump’s anti-media statements are out of line and a threat to America. This may or may not be true. However what Rather’s rant really expresses is his frustration with the diminishing power of the establishment media. He misses the days of a solid “liberal” media block. He can’t believe that someone he detests so much, someone who dares call the media out in a way that he does has the support that Trump does. Rather’s disgust is the same disgust which runs through much of the Northeastern establishment. They loathe that they have lost control of the narrative. They long for their old power.

Trump, Clinton, may both have big government authoritarian tendencies. This is one of the reasons why a significant part of the voting population appears open to an alternative to the two main party candidates. However, for Dan Rather to act like he is some evenhanded paragon of high minded journalism and that the media doesn’t deserve to be dressed down is ridiculous. Dan Rather it should be remembered was fired for journalistic dishonesty. Some called it fraud.

(From Politico)

“This is not about politics or policy. It’s about protecting our most cherished principles. The relationship between the press and the powerful they cover is by its very definition confrontational. That is how the Founding Fathers envisioned it, with noble clauses of protection enshrined in our Constitution.”

Rather also challenged media owners and editors to support reporters who receive harsh blowback over critical coverage.

How come we didn’t hear this from Dan at anytime during Barack Obama’s presidency, a presidency which even “liberal” journalists at the New York Times have said has been the worst for journalists in a generation? We know why we heard nothing from Rather. It’s because the heavy handedness (to be kind) which has come from the current administration jibed with Gunga Dan’s worldview. So he was cool with Obama doing what he did and continues to try to do.

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