Don’t bail out politicians, jail them without bail

It's your money not the government's.
It’s your money not the government’s.

Don’t let the politicians and government apparatchiks off the hook. They spent too much for decades and all across the country politicians are calling out for more. Look to Puerto Rico, Detroit, soon Illinois, California, maybe Connecticut. Save us!

Don’t let the politicians bail themselves out. Hold them accountable.

And remember, bailouts for local and state governments are also bailouts for Wall Street which holds the bonds.


The House of Reps recently voted against bailing out Puerto Rico which is $118 billion in debt. What they did was pass a bill that created an “auditing and oversight board.” According to a press release received by Libertarian News Examiner from The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) but not mentioned in the article on their website, the bill will “help clean up the financial mess in Puerto Rico – without spending a dime of taxpayer’s money.”

Does anyone seriously believe that this “auditing and oversight board” will not be run by someone’s political crony pulling down a five-to-six figure stipend and joined by a batch of buddy bureaucrats, each with their own bloated staff of civil servants siphoning salaries, bennies, perks and retirements from the pockets of America’s taxpayers?

Beyond that, what does it do about the obvious question: How do these political entities keep getting into such deeply unsustainable debt in the first place? The obvious answer is: politicians spend more money than tax-taking brings in. So what happens to these irresponsible profligate politicians? CCAGW named Puerto Rico’s Governor “May Porker of the Month.” And he’s supposed to care why?

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