Ex-Calif. State Sen. Leland Yee, gun control champion, heading to prison for weapons trafficking

Not smiling as much these days.
Not smiling as much these days.

This is from February, but given recent events the story couldn’t be more relevant.

A key part of the crony system is the idea that there are the managers and the managed. That there are those who are wise and benevolent enough to rule and then there is the great unwashed rabble which at best should be tolerated and farmed for tax revenue. The unwashed rabble need to be told what to do. The unwashed rabble doesn’t know what’s best for it. And hey, if the political class can get rich while telling the rabble what to do, then that’s just. Doing well while doing “good” is what being in the political class is all about after all.

(From The Washington Post)

This Wednesday, Yee received a five-year prison sentence for accepting bribes and trafficking in arms…

…Breyer was unsympathetic to the calls for leniency. While holding public office, Yee had accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions in exchange for political favors. And on the side, he and two associates had been involved in a weapons trafficking plot…

…Another time, while serving on the city school board, Yee reportedly registered his children under a fake address so they could attend a better school…

…Rose Pak, a “Chinatown powerbroker,” told the Guardian that Yee had “no moral character.” She rattled off a list of her (unconfirmed) suspicions — “How did the guy manage to buy a million-dollar house on a $30,000 City Hall salary?” — but the gist was clear: Pak didn’t trust him.

Those who lust after power shouldn’t be trusted. That includes most of the political class.

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