Excelente! Brazil moves to shrink the state

Rio cc

There is a role for government. Setting simple rules of the road in clear and transparent ways seems reasonable to me. However there is always the temptation to expand government. To think it should do more. That it can solve this problem or that. More often than not this mentality just creates new problems or compounds old ones.

Yet my opinion has long been the minority. The 20th Century in many respects is the century of the state. It is the century of expanded government. It is the century of the societal machine. It was also the century of unprecedented war, which is not a coincidence.

In Brazil now the country is contemplating the most modest of government culls. After constitutionally removing a corrupt president, and as it faces the worst recession it has seen in 5 generations, the country looks forward and it does so with the hope that the state, at least in some small way, can be reduced. We wish them the best of luck.

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