George Carlin explains why “newspeak” (political correctness) is dangerous, Is contrasted with President Obama (VIDEO)

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In many respects political correctness, and there are different forms employed by different groups interested in dominating the political narrative, is a way of lying. It is a way of being dishonest. It’s not about feelings (not that this is an excuse anyway) often, it is about obscuring reality. It is about muddying the waters. It is about countering intuition (which when done via reason can be a good thing on occasion) and creating alternate realities to reality. It is employed in academia, government, the corporate world, and many other places. It is about power. It is about smoke. It is about mirrors. It is about furthering political ends. It is about control. (That’s why the control freaks love political correctness the way they do.)


Dismiss the “schools Obama” bit. This is a very well done little video.