Hillary Clinton friend George W Bush, and they are friends, attacks Trump


Some people are acting like it’s some big coup that the Bushes (who were basically humiliated in the primaries) are attacking Trump. Folks, of course they are attacking Trump. They got spanked.  Lindsey Graham is attacking Trump. Mitt Romney is attacking Trump. The Bushite neocons are on the record as saying they may defect to Hillary because Trump isn’t sufficiently hawkish for them. And you will notice that these washed up Republicans aren’t running out and endorsing the small government candidate, Gary Johnson either. They are implicitly backing Hillary. That’s right, the Bushite big government Republicans would rather lose the election to Hillary than see Trump win. Because really, a Hillary win is a win for them too. (Just don’t tell the American people.)

We’re not saying that Trump, who is another version of big government Republican doesn’t deserve to be attacked. Anyone running for president has got to run the gauntlet. But it’s good to remember that the current attacks on Trump, at least from the big government wing of the GOP, are all about keeping the current power structure in place. They think they own Washington, and the country.

Remember, George Bush refers to Hillary as his “sister-in-law.”

(From The Daily Bell)

Bush is concerned about “checks and balances.” But when Bush was in power and commanded the House and Senate, he started vicious wars, debauched the dollar and created new federal programs that were as vast as they were ruinous.

Bush’s compassionate conservatism was a ruse. He was neither.

He further expanded fedgov’s embrace of authoritarianism.

His social spending helped bankrupt the country.

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