Kirchner Official Caught Burying Millions Outside Convent (Argentina’s crony capitalists on the run)

Obama and Kirchner cuddling during happier times.
Obama and Kirchner cuddling during happier times.

As reality takes hold in South America and as the socialists/crony capitalists are sent scurrying to the hinterlands the wreckage of the cronies is being unearthed – literally.

With the change in government sweetheart deals are no more. Connections once worth millions have evaporated. Laws which could be broken with impunity are now valid again. Hell has to be paid.

(From Bloomberg)

Jose Lopez, who served as public works secretary under ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and her late husband, Nestor Kirchner, was found with an assault rifle and six bags containing dollars, euros, Japanese yen and Qatari riyal. Local media outlets broadcast and published images of Lopez wearing a bullet-proof vest and riot helmet in custody outside a police station on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

The arrest may further complicate any return to politics for Fernandez, who is already under investigation in a string of cases involving money-laundering and corruption allegations. In April, she accused the government and the judicial system of conspiring to put her in prison.

Prison is where criminals go.

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