Of course the establishment is freaking out over Brexit. What did you expect?

eu tattered cc

On Friday the world changed. Brexit became reality. The old order was dealt a serious and very public blow. The “establishment” defined by the big banks, the big corporations, and big government was shocked. They couldn’t believe it. How could it be that Britons rejected the system they had spent so many years constructing, a system from which they the cronies had greatly profited?

The media likewise continues to howl in an almost existential bay at the great political wheel in the sky. How, how, could this happen?

The people got fed up, that’s what happened. The everyday, generally unconnected, middle class people got fed up. And they told the “establishment” to stuff it.

It is worth noting the people who warned (and in some cases threatened) the British electorate not to leave the EU. Let’s take a look.

David Cameron

Angela Merkle

Francois Hollande

Barack Obama (Who warned that the UK would be “at the end of the line” for any trade deals if it left Europe.)

George Soros

JP Morgan

Goldman Sachs

The City of London generally

Wall Street generally

London’s new mayor Sadik Kahn who recently removed bathing suited models from London transport and who just had a male/female segregated news conference. (Women stood at the back naturally.)

The New Yorker


Al Jazeera

And a whole slew of lesser politicians, celebrities, financiers, and others warned Britons not to even THINK of leaving. (Though it must be said that Elizabeth Hurley was adamantly pro-Brexit. I’m sure Mr. Sadik loved this tweet.)

Hurley cc

There is a reason why London and Scotland (and Northern Ireland) voted to remain in the EU. First, these areas are not terribly fond of being British anyway. In London’s case it is somewhat akin to the way New Yorkers hold much of the rest of the country in contempt. (In my opinion this is actually a type of insular urban rubism, but that is for another post.) London is a massive city dominated by the banks and government, 2 areas of the economy which have benefited greatly from the current global crony system and specifically from the EU system.

Scotland on the other hand has just become hopelessly socialistic over the years and feared that the European Union gravy train would stop making stops in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The region also appears to have less and less love for Britain generally. Understandable I suppose given Scotland’s history.

Regardless the great core of Britain decided to remain British and to not throw in its lot with what can only be called an anti-democratic European Union. Not un-democratic, but anti-democratic. The middle class, the bourgeoisie, overwhelmed the crony class and the government dependents. They won. And as such dealt a great blow for freedom. We owe the Britons who made the stand a great debt.

As for the angry remainers, times have changed and it’s time to get hip to it. Many of the powers that be in Eastern Europe were angry when the Berlin Wall came crashing down too. But they got used to it. So too will you. You have no other choice.