Oliver Stone slams tech giants accusing them of “collaborating” with the government, calls it “form of fascism”

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Oliver Stone is not my favorite guy in the world. He has said and done a number of things with which I strongly do not not agree. However he is a hell of a director and Wall Street and Platoon rank in my personal all time top 20 movies. And he is absolutely correct about the cozy relationship between some tech companies, particularly Google (which has visited the White House far more than any other company during Obama’s presidency) and the government.

(From Page Six)

Stone, the director of movies including “Platoon” and “Born on the Fourth of July,” appeared in Cannes on Wednesday to talk about his upcoming film “Snowden.”

And he slammed tech giants Facebook, Google and Microsoft, accusing them of “collaborating” with the government in the Snowden case.

“It’s a form of fascism — the sovereignty of the state versus the sovereignty of the individual,” he said. “It’s the reverse of the way this country was founded.”

The famously fiery director also ranted about the “surveillance state” and accused the two presumptive nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, of supporting it.

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