Overthrow the Establishment to Fix the Economy

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This column comes from Larry Kudlow and he basically endorses Trump. We at ACC do not endorse candidates and we never will. But the overall point Kudlow makes is terribly important so we are going to run the article anyway.

We need to overthrow the current economic establishment. It has failed, horribly. Globally we limp along, that is unless one is in South America and some other parts of the globe where the economy is barely moving at all. The planners had their chance. The big shots got to call the shots. And they failed – as they were always destined to.

If we want to see prosperity again anytime soon we need to deregulate, cut red tape, fire government workers, make it easier to start businesses, cut taxes, generally reverse the statism and crony capitalism which has infected our country (and others) so acutely over the last 2 decades. Big government is a drug, a religion, and a false dream. Sorry planners but you failed – again – as you were always destined to.

(From Real Clear Politics)

Who, exactly, do I mean by the establishment that needs overthrowing? Much of the blame must be placed on the high-pedigreed economists inside and outside government who advise politicians, policymakers, the Fed, big corporate CEOs and interest-group trade associations to pursue a cronyist corporate-welfare system that both creates and then relies on a government-driven economy. I don’t mean all economists; there are still a few free-marketeers out there.

And while Democratic policy planners are the vanguard of the new Bernie Sanders democratic socialism — with Hillary Clinton right in the pack — many Republican advisors are also to blame…

…Growth is the key, not inequality. Growth creates new businesses, new jobs, higher wages and a stronger middle class. Growth eases the burdens of poverty. Growth makes everyone happier.

But today, not surprisingly, the business sector is slipping into recession. Profits, production, investment, core capital goods and business equipment have gone negative. Since supply creates its own demand, the slump in business could spread to the consumer — unless policies are turned around.

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