Soros Suffers Major Loss On Long Pound Trade Ahead Of Brexit

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Brexit has hit the crony class hard.

The cronies, on Wall Street, the City of London, Washington, London, Brussels, and pretty much everywhere are not used to getting punched square in the jaw. They like their fights rigged (for them). However the connected cronyweights got absolutely clocked on Thursday.

A knockout punch? No, but a deep, jarring, resonating blow to be sure. Call it a pounding.

Now the real fight begins.


(From Zerohedge)

It is somewhat ironic that the man who made a $1.5 billion profit on Black Wednesday in 1992 when he bet against the pound sterling ahead of the UK exit from the ERM would be the same one to suffer major losses on the same currency 24 years later. According to Bloomberg, Soros was long the pound before Britain’s vote to leave the European Union on Friday, and didn’t “speculate against sterling while he was arguing for Britain to remain,” a spokesman said in an e-mailed statement Monday. In other words, Soros did put his money where his Op-Ed was.

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