Telemundo Stages Protesters At #NeverTrump Protest In San Diego (VIDEO)

Image: Screengrab
Image: Screengrab

As we have said many times before we at ACC are generally for immigration. We are a “nation of immigrants” as is oft repeated. I am of Italian and Irish descent for the record. We are also completely neutral on the presidential election and all elections. But we do focus on cronyism and crony media is a big problem.

Below we see how narratives are crafted. There are perhaps 50 protesters max in this shot, yet the videographer stages his shot to create the impression of many more. This happens quite often, and shouldn’t be surprising. But the high five the videographer gives the “protesters” at the end of the video indicates what’s really going on here. It’s not the reporting of the news, it’s the creation of the news. The kid spitting on the guy exposing the staging at the end of the video is a nice touch too.

It should be noted that Telemundo (the videographer works for Telemundo) is a division of NBC which has deep ties to the Obama administration as one can see here, here, here, here, and here. NBC also has deep ties to the Clinton machine as one can see here, here, here, here, and here. NBC was even going to run a miniseries on Clinton’s life until the outcry was so great they had to nix it.

Telemundo and NBC are protecting their corporate interests. They want an expanded Spanish language audience. That is a niche in which they are thoroughly embedded. There is a lot of money to be made.

And I have a question. If America is a place which one loves, a place to which one wants to contribute, why would one fly a Mexican flag? Correct me if I’m wrong but Mexico has people fleeing it because it’s not such a great place to be for many.

An additional note.

I have talked with a good number of folks from south of the American border, from all parts of Latin America. In many cases they fear the emergence of an American system of crony capitalism and crony politics like the ones many of these folks left in Latin America. Mexico is not a model.