The Anti-Pot Editorial That Cost $140 Million (Paid for by someone who made his money in CASINOS)


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I do not understand how people can continue to justify pot prohibition these days. Check that, I can understand it if one has links to the DEA, the drug treatment complex, drug dealers, police unions, drug cartel money launderers, or the pharmaceutical industry. All of these groups want cannabis prohibition to continue because illegal pot means money in their pockets. Or perhaps it’s just flat out ignorance. I suppose that still exists.

Cannabis is the most docile of drugs. (Though it is nothing to take lightly and we definitely do not condone its use.) We have vast experience with it as a society. We know that for the most part it is basically benign. We know it’s safer than alcohol by a huge margin. We know that it is much less likely than alcohol and other drugs to be involved in acts of violence. And we know that it is an effective treatment for many ailments from arthritis to wasting disease. We even have a cannabinoid system within our bodies which is custom made for interaction with the plant. (I’m serious. It was only discovered in the last 30 years.) Why, why, would we keep this substance illegal?  Why would we fine people for using it. Why is it any of our business anyway?

It’s not.

(From Reason)

In May 2014, when activists began collecting signatures for a marijuana legalization initiative that will appear on Nevada’s ballot this November, the Las Vegas Review-Journal welcomed the measure as “an opportunity to reset America’s costly drug war.” The paper’s editorial board said “taxpayers finally seem to understand that spending vast sums of money at the local, state and federal levels on police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges and jails to lock up nonviolent offenders and enable the enrichment of gangs and thugs has done nothing to diminish demand for marijuana.”

Last Wednesday the Review-Journal came out against the very same ballot initiative, saying “recreational weed comes with health, safety and social costs that make legalizing marijuana a dangerous proposal for Nevadans.” It warned that “legalizing weed would jeopardize the health of countless Nevadans, expose more people to drug abuse and addiction, put excessive stress on the state’s health-care facilities and do little to relieve the state’s bloated prison population.”

Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and Republican megadonor, paid good money for that startling reversal, which was first noted by Tom Angell at

That’s right, a guy who has made billions on the backs of people who were addicted to gambling, who flushed their paychecks and lives down the toilet in his casinos, thinks pot – POT – is dangerous.

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