The novel political geography of Brexit (And why in this case Scotland is not that important)

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Scotland has an ongoing deep historical beef with its neighbor to the south. It votes differently than England, to say the least. This was certainly true in the referendum last week. But Scotland constitutes a relatively small part of the overall British population. It had only 8% of votes in Brexit.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Overall, the national vote was close, a 52 to 48 percent win for Leave on Brexit. But there were major differences between the regions: Scotland voted 62 percent Remain, Northern Ireland 56 percent Remain, Wales 53 percent Leave and England 53 percent Leave.

The regions are of vastly different demographic weight. Scotland cast just 8 percent of referendum votes, not much more than Wales’ 5 percent. Northern Ireland cast only 2 percent. Fully 85 percent of UK votes were cast in England. And just 11 percent of the U.K. votes were cast in London, which voted 60 percent Remain. The rest of England voted 55 percent Leave.

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