This article might finally scare you off of diet soda

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I like food. I care about what I eat. But I’m not insane about it. The gluten bit I still have a hard time buying. But aspartame is something I have steadily cut out of my diet, though I still enjoy a nice cold Diet Coke from time to time. It may be time to quit completely however.

Aspartame is an interesting substance as at least some people argue that it would not be allowed in food if it were not for the fact that the soda companies are cozy with the FDA.

I’ll leave it there. You food science folks can comment and tell me that my aspartame concerns are unwarranted. In fact that would be great if it’s true. Because I do like Diet Coke.

I think I am more inclined to just say no however going forward.

(From Natural News)

Russell Blaylock, a former neurosurgery professor at the Medical University of Mississippi who now does nutritional studies and research, has described aspartic acid as an isolated amino acid equally as toxic as glutamate. Aspartic acid is an excitotoxin, he says, a chemical that excites the brain sometimes to the point of death. In addition, it changes the manner of brain formation in newborns, which can result in permanent hyperactivity and other behavioral changes.

“In its free form, unbound from proteins, it significantly raises the plasma level shortly after ingestion. The excess aspartate in the blood shortly after ingestion leads to high levels in certain areas of the brain,” we previously reported. “It slowly begins to destroy neurons and a large part of neural cells in a particular area of a brain are destroyed before any clinical symptom of an illness is noticed. Reported physical effects after long exposure to excitatory amino acid include Parkinson’s disease, brain lesions, neuroendocrine disorders and hypoglycemia to mention a few.”

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