This video may blow your mind, the best illustration of the post Crash bailouts I’ve ever seen

AIG cc cc

This is from 2011 when the wounds of the Crash were still fresh.

Now we’ve been conditioned. Time has passed and the banks want you to forget what happened and the dull economic pain which still dogs the world.*

We at ACC will never forget.

At the end of this video is a very short ad for someone who was running for Congress. We do not endorse candidates ever. We don’t know who this person is. But the video is so good in its illustration I decided to post it anyway. Enjoy.

Consider this video when you look at your tax bill. Or your mortgage. Or the next time Goldman Sachs – which should be dead – announces its quarterly bonuses.

*I once heard a doctor say that acute, sharp pain was less troublesome generally than the dull ongoing pain. This probably applies to economics too.