UK Politics, EU Referendum: Massive swing to Brexit – with just 12 days to go

Union jack: hugely symbolic.

This is excellent news. And what may appear as a purely European and British issue is not. It is vitally important for those of us in the States also. A rejection of the EU by the UK is a rejection of the deeply crony political system which has metastasized in Brussels. If the Brits choose to leave the EU it will be a rebuke of the bureaucratic technocratic culture which has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic since the end of the Cold War. If Britain leaves it will be a win for democracy. It will be a crashing blow against the European, German dominated version of Leviathan.

Let’s hope and pray that Britain will leave the sinking ship which is superstate Europe. America is with you Britain, even if our president is not.

(From The Independent)

The campaign to take Britain out of the EU has opened up a remarkable 10-point lead over the Remain camp, according to an exclusive poll for The Independent.

The survey of 2,000 people by ORB found that 55 per cent believe the UK should leave the EU (up four points since our last poll in April), while 45 per cent want it to remain (down four points). These figures are weighted to take account of people’s likelihood to vote. It is by far the biggest lead the Leave camp has enjoyed since ORB began polling the EU issue for The Independent a year ago, when it was Remain who enjoyed a 10-point lead. Now the tables have turned.

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I also will admit a sentimental streak when it comes to Great Britain. I remember my father (who was a naval officer) singing this song in the car when I was a very young boy in London. So please indulge this extremely cheesy – yet lovely – song. (This is not really my usual British musical fare either. I’m more of a Led Zeppelin, Who, Stones kinda guy.)