Who Has Donated The Most Money To Bernie Sanders? – The Unemployed

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This story is not entirely an indictment of Sanders. Better the unemployed fund the guy’s campaign than Goldman Sachs or Monsanto. (Seriously.) Still it isn’t exactly a good sign either. Many of the folks sending money are receiving that money first via government, taxpayer funded programs. They presumably give with the hope that Bernie will expand government, taxpayer funded programs. That’s not really progress. Though regular welfare is slightly better than corporate welfare, which more than rivals regular welfare in cost to taxpayers, the direction if we want to get our act together in this country must be away from state dependence generally. Statism of all kinds is hurting the United States.

(From Zerohedge)

However, since Sanders relies on a fundraising tool called ActBlue, all donors must be disclosed regardless of the size of contribution. This has allowed the LA Times to perform an analysis on the donors behind the man who has given (and continues to give) Hillary Clinton so much trouble, and the result is stunning.

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