Yet more indignance from CNN on Brexit, This time from Christian Amanpour, She loses it (VIDEO)

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More finger waving from the establishment mouthpieces. Again just watch the body language. They still can’t believe that they lost. And they so want to call the Brexiteers a bunch of racists. They think it’s their trump card (so to speak.) But the PC bat is splintering these days. That all of Britain should stay locked in bureaucratic hell and lose control over its own laws because people like Amanpour think that giving the finger to Brussels is racist is idiotic.

Britons in rejecting Brussels are also rejecting the statist and anti-democratic thinking of folks like Amanpour, and that is what really scares the #oldmedia. If there is a new way of doing business people like Ms. Amanpour might just find themselves on the outs. And they can’t have that. They are IMPORTANT after all. Those rubes from the Midlands aren’t sending Christian back to economy class. No siree. She’s come too far.

By the way one of my favorite examples of CNN’s silliness was an add which ran years ago where Ms. Amanpour scolds a viewer (you know the people CNN so desperately hopes will watch the dying channel) over the how to pronounce the word “Iran.” It’s not I -RAN, it’s Iraaan she explained with condescension flowing from every pore. But at CNN there seems to be some pride in being an asshole if not in achieving high ratings. So Amanpour continues on spreading smugness around the globe. That add was pulled quickly as I remember.

We’ve said before that one should never trust those who lust for power, by which we meant primarily politicians. But never trust a journalist who considers himself or herself to be part of the “4th Estate” either. Just a good general rule.