Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New (renewed) Embrace at Convention


“Happy days are here again…”

Yes indeed. They are for K Street if Hills gets in the White House. Though Obama has been a ready friend to the lobbyists, banks, and other special interests (which we’ve chronicled extensively in the space) he sort of had to act like he wasn’t. Mostly for style reasons. But with the dawn of the Hillary era, and given the fact that everyone now knows the deal with Ms. Clinton, the lobbyists are shining up their wingtips and starching their collars. It is time to sit down at the table and gorge – publicly. They’ll have the cover of the “first woman president” and a likely a renewed “green rush.”  Taxpayer money will be there for the taking.The Lincoln Bedroom will be back up for rent. (Kind of ironic given the recent Dem criticism of Airbnb.) The knives are being sharpened and drool is dropping from tongues. Time to get FAT.

(From Time)

Heather Podesta wore a scarlet letter “L” to the last two Democratic National Conventions—a not so subtle protest over the Barack Obama’s ban on lobbyists like her donating money to his cause.

Podesta’s scarlet letter is gone this week, because Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee have lifted the ban.“Things have already changed,” said Podesta, while mingling at a brunch put on by her firm at the swanky Philadelphia restaurant Fork on Tuesday with members of Congress, the Obama Administration, and, yes, lots of lobbyists.

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