After Aiding Obama for 8 years NOW the Left is Afraid of Too Much Executive Power…Because, Well, Trump

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This is the argument that libertarians make all the time and an argument most conservatives make most of the time. Give too much power to the president and guess what? One day you are going to have a president who does lots of things that YOU don’t like. The same principal goes for government in general.

(From The National Review)

Finally, given the anti-constitutional arc of the last eight years, it is rich for Beinart to warn the good intellectuals about their true (anti-Trumpian) duties: to warn Trump supporters about the consequences of their ignorance, given that “America is a democracy because the people’s voices count,” as he writes. “But it is a liberal democracy because freedom of the press, independence of the judiciary, and the rule of law are not subject to popular vote.”

Should we laugh or cry at that doublespeak, given the Obama Justice Department’s somnolence in the matter of the Clinton violations of national-security protocols, or the president’s own executive order circumvention of existing laws, or a free press that so often has chosen to become a Ministry of Truth.

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