Boeing & The Clintons: A “Mutually Beneficial Relationship”


This piece is from last year.

(From Judicial Watch)

The Boeing-Clinton connection runs deep. In a lengthy investigative piece last year, the Washington Post last year explored this “mutually beneficial relationship.”

As the Post reported, in Moscow in 2009, Secretary of State Clinton pushed the Russians to close a $3.7 billion deal to buy Boeing aircraft. A month later, Boeing contributed $2 million to a Clinton pet project, a U.S. pavilion at an upcoming World’s Fair in Shanghai. State Department rules had to be bent to allow such a donation from a business with significant business before the U.S. government, but nevermind.

In 2010, two months after Boeing won the Russia deal, it made a $900,000 contribution to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti earthquake relief. Students of Clinton Inc. will note that a pattern seems to be emerging—U.S. government action followed by large donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or speech fees to Mr. Clinton. The pattern has appeared in the Kazakh uranium deal and activities in Colombia related to Clinton crony Frank Giustra. It’s a trail worth following.

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